Veteran Refund Program


Veteran Refund Program

This page and the Vet Refund Program policy is under review for 2024.
However, applications will be accepted starting May 29th, 2023.

Veteran's Entry Fee Refund Intent

In order to honor our Military Veterans and pay on a debt we cannot repay, the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Board of Directors, with the approval of the Medicine Show LLC has implemented a process whereby a select number of Veterans may be eligible for a partial or full refund of their paid entry fee. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Veteran Refund Program honors veterans of every branch and service. It is by the actions of our service members, past and present, that this country exists.

To Qualify for a Veterans Refund


  • Affiliation is with US Armed Forces only.

  • Be active duty or a veteran with an honorable discharge.

  • Be a 1st time applicant of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™.

  • Entry fee must be paid in full.

Veteran's Entry Fee Refund Policy

Any potential recipient of the Veteran Refund Program in 2024 will need to submit their rider’s application in accordance with the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Rider Application process and pay the full entry fee. Once accepted as a verified Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ participant and after having been assigned an official Challenge Rider number, an Active-Duty service member or Veteran in good standing can submit a Veteran Refund Program application starting on Memorial Day, (May 29th, 2023) and continue through Veteran's Day (November 11th, 2023). Recipients of the refund will be announced on Memorial Day 2024 (May 27th, 2024). All submissions will be considered confidential.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ written Veterans Entry Fee Refund Policy can be downloaded here.

Veteran's Entry Fee Refund Application Process


  • Complete and sign refund application (Download here).

  • Active duty members must attached most recent promotion order (with PII blacked out).

    • - Can be most recent personnel action order.

  • Veterans must attached valid DD Form 214 (with SSN blacked out).

  • Submit completed application packets to

Veteran's Entry Fee Refund Selection Process

Each packet will be reviewed by a committee that is made up of two (2) Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Board Members and two (2) Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ riders in good standing. All members of the selection committee are veterans in good standing and all have signed a binding non-disclosure agreement. Selections are made by consensus of the selection committee. The selection of the committee is final.

The list of applicants will not be made public. However, the committee will publicly announce the names of Veterans who were selected to receive a refund on Memorial Day of 2024. Recipients will be notified via email prior to Memorial Day. Refunds will be provided prior to the 2024 Challenge. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Board of Directors will determine the number of veterans who will receive a full refund and the number of veterans who will receive a partial refund; the amount of the partial refund is also at the discretion of the Board of Directors. This program will refund entry fee only and does not provide financial support for fuel, lodging, food, repairs or any other essential requirement of the rider.

Additional Support & Sponsorships

Veterans, like any other rider, can gather additional sponsors from other sources. Gathering outside sources to support their personal challenge is not a factor for consideration in the selection process.

Retention of Personal Documents

All submitted documents (i.e. Promotion Orders, DD 214, Application, etc.) for those selected and for those not selected, will be destroyed after selections are made. No information will be extracted from any submitted application for later use by Medicine Show LLC, Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, sponsors, Board Members, or support staff. The Medicine Show LLC will retain, for tax purposes, the notification letter sent to the recipient.