2011 Challenge


2011 Hoka Hey Riders
From the Pacific to the Atlantic

Beginning on the 5th of August, the 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ was a great success with the World’s Top Riders competing in a 14,000 mile cross country trek. The course left Mesa, AZ and took them through 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces to end in Sydney, NS.

The 2011 route challenged riders not only in the distance it covered but it demanded that they navigate their way through a technically thrilling course that took a great deal of concentration. Again in 2011, the Challengers were taken through some of the most scenic highways and byways in America and eastern Canada and an unexpected visit by Hurricane Irene made things even more interesting!

The below listed names identify riders in order of arrival at the finish line in Nova Scotia.


Completed the entire route without deviations, crossed the finish line within the allotted time and underwent a rigorous screening process to determine whether they were eligible to receive official recognition.


Completed the entire route without deviations but crossed the finish line after the August 21st deadline.


Riders who for one reason or another, had to go off route. But, regardless of their reasons, these intrepid riders would not be satisfied until they saw the finish line in Sydney, NS.


Riders who started but were unable to finish the ride. Whether they wrecked or ran out of time, money or the inclination to finish, these hard core riders had the fortitude to take the Challenge!


Shaun VanBeber, 8/19/11
Marc Story, 8/20/11
Frank Kelly; 8/20/11
Michael McGuire, 8/20/11
Michael Fox, 8/20/11
Brent Witters, 8/20/11
Robert Crawford, 8/21/11
Bubba Netherland, 8/21/11
James Howaston, 8/21/11
Jimmy Huffman, 8/21/11


Dennis Kelly, 8/21/11
Scott Jenkins, 8/22/11
Terry Meyer, 8/22/11
"Rob" Carlo, 8/22/11
Thomas Kinsey, 8/22/11
Kelsey Dowell, 8/22/11
1Brian McDonnell, 8/22/11
Shaun Fickes, 8/22/11
Mark Hodge, 8/23/11
George Liebel, 8/23/11
Eden Mailoux, 8/23/11
Lawrence Murray, 8/23/11
James Geray, 8/24/11
Debby Pearson, 8/24/11
Heinz Spielvogel, 8/24/11
Eugene Adee, 8/24/11
Jeffrey Piscitelli, 8/24/11
Chris Drake, 8/25/11
Keith Deninno, 8/25/11
Walter Ledig, 8/25/11
Robert Scott, 8/25/11
Michael Rogers, 8/26/11
David Lutes, 8/26/11
John Ibbitson, 8/26/11
Steve Nowak, 8/26/11
Jane Bixby, 8/27/11
Schatzi Brown, 8/27/11
Tim Menzie, 8/27/11
Bubba Vincent, 8/27/11
Mickey Ezell, 8/27/11
Blackie Barnes, 8/27/11
Ron Warren, 8/28/11
Henry Hillard, Jr., 8/27/11
William Stueber, 8/29/11
Marshall Myers, 8/30/11
Stanley Hoover, 8/30/11
John Miller, 8/31/11
Peter Johnstone, 9/4/11
Junie Rose, 9/4/11
Chuck" Marble, 9/4/11
Aristotle Liceralde 9/17/11


Kenneth Aston, 8/19/11
Piotr Jan Kacki, 9/2011
Mark James, 8/21/11
Kelly "KC" Withers, 8/21/11
Wendy Battles, 8/21/11
Stanley Kistler, 8/22/11
Debra Langley, 8/22/11
Douglas Davenport, 8/22/11
Jim Herold, 8/22/11
Pedro Salcedo, 8/22/11
Harold Park, 8/22/11
Newton Pereira, 8/23/11
Moe Ducharme, 8/23/11
Gary Beach, 8/24/11
Robert Griffin, Jr., 8/24/11
John Baumann, 8/25/11
Kenneth Miltimore, 8/26/11
Bruce Sather, 8/27/11
Garry Simoneaux, 8/27/11
Bob Vincent, 9/3/11
Larry Berland, 9/4/11
Travis Brian, 9/6/11
Rod Pashcke, 9/6/11


E.B. Chester
William Parry
Elijah Whirlwind Horse
Glenn Hawthorne
Charles Laws
Danny Olive
Grant Grieve
Mark Hopkins
Travis Metcalfe
Judy Wagner
Michael Conner
Kleber Miller
Ralph Styers
Lee Smith
David Mauser
Mitchell Matzek
Roger McKinnon
Martin Naaktgeboren
Alex Hood
Gary Trumper
Jeff Kohn
Gregory Shafer
Roger Buis
Joseph Klan
Robert Vinson
Russell Flickinger
William Meyer
Michael Zemla
Richard Markasky
Curtis Sampsel
John Walters
Mark Goff
Daniel Smith
Richard Miller
Gregory Laird
Whittany Crum
Dale Strother
William Reynolds
Jeff Mosby
RIP Alexander
Terry Smith
Greg Anderson
Jim Red Cloud
John LaFranchi
Robert Belcher
Mitchell McCall
Bradford Sabol
Eric Wasielewski
Dave DuBord
William Aviles
Carla DuBois
Randall Robinson
Jack Williams
George Young
Larry Gladhart
Michael Jury
Jack Irving
Shawn Phillips
Amy Morris
Edgar Kudlich
Daryl Ruff
Michael McBain
Paul Bouros
Leo English
Bryan Atnip
Jeffery Westgard
Michael Hervey
David Hartman
LouAnn Cunningham
Margaret Parslow
Thomas Schmidt
Donny Tapia
Charles Stapp
Ronald Alvey
Bob Vincent
Laura Leydon
Jerry Reichardt
Elvin Angel
James Young
Dave Keefe
James Starnes
Dale Martin
Roland Gressett
Frank Trevino
Randy Adams
Raymond Capps
Matthew Allen
Dan Gladden
Darren Green
Bennett Cowper
Tim Chounard
Bruno Pustola
Randy McCurdy
Patty Bush
Kevin Pyles
Gary Gray
Zachary White
Joe Passiglia