Past Events


Hoka Hey Past Events

Since the inaugural ride in 2010 there has been at least one major Hoka Hey event every year. Starting in 2014 we changed the annual Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ to a Challenge every two years. In the "off" years we hold a special event to allow riders to come together an enjoy each others company; to meet new friends and revisit with old ones.

2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
The 2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ was the inaugural event for the Medicine Show Land Trust and it covered nearly 9,000 miles along back roads and byways between Key West, FL and Homer, AK. Beginning on July 20, 2010 this route took our Challengers through 62 mountain ranges, 33 Indian reservations, 26 National Forests, 8 deserts, 6 National Parks and 4 swamps.

2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Beginning on the 5th of August, the 2011 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ was a great success with the World’s Top Riders competing in a 14,000 mile cross country trek. The course left Mesa, AZ and took them through 48 states and 2 Canadian Provinces to end in Sydney, NS.

2012 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
In 2012, the riders of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenger™ chose not the safety and security of their easy chair, but rather they chose to join us as we took on the 3rd annual Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. Beginning on August 5th, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV this event traveled just over 6,000 miles to end on the Seneca Indian Territory where the owners of Wolf's Run Transport welcomed us by hosting the finish line at their property near Gowanda, NY.

2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Challengers left Wolf's Run on the 23rd of June, 2013 and traveled into Quebec, Canada headed toward the Arctic Circle!! Approximately, 7,600 miles later they had circled the Great Lakes and ridden along some of the most technically challenging roads the US has to offer before returning to the Seneca Territory where the End of the Road party was the greatest event to date.

2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Billed as UNFINISHED BUSINESS – the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ followed a new route to cover some old ground between Key West, FL and Homer, AK. Unfinished Business was a journey that would convince participants that the things we have avoided are the things that have the power to transform, enrich, and even complete us. Long stretches of open highway and dark, cold, rainy nights along this year's route encouraged participants not only to be mindful of what is most important in life, but to act on it. By taking honest and courageous stock of our own unfinished business, we all can live lives that honor our best selves.

2015 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ Memorial Ride
While many start the Challenge driven by the allure of prizes and competition, most finish richer through personal growth, spiritual insight and unbreakable bonds with fellow riders. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, through a common struggle, celebrates the human experience and diversity among the people and the beautiful landscape of this great Nation and fosters unity with everyone who accepts the Challenge. We all know riding long distance events like the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is risky business. We all have brothers and sisters from the road who have succumb to tragedy. This special event was open to the public and started in Red Cloud, Nebraska. In remembrance of our fallen family we departed Red Cloud on the morning of July 31st, 2015 and rode the 505 miles as a group to Hot Springs, South Dakota. On August 1st, we reconvened to parade down Main St. Sturgis and ended at the Indian Motorcycle Sturgis store, Sturgis, SD. We were all welcomed with a party that was worthy of our Fallen Riders! We are stronger than a group of individual riders – we are the Hoka Hey Family. Sunka Mila Wanka Waphia - Spirits of the Holy Metal Horse.

2016 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Embodying the spirit of the traditional vision quest (i.e., a deep, inward search for transformation and insight), ICIMANI compelled riders to face and overcome obstacles and encouraged participants to journey into a deep and critical examination of their own motives, actions and beliefs and then to translate newfound strength and confidence into a willingness to act on behalf of others.

2018 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
TSAATU NATSU is the Comanche way of expressing “Good Medicine.” The organizers of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ chose “Good Medicine” as the theme of the 2018 Challenge because riding your steel horse, wind in your face, sun on your shoulders and tires burning up the pavement can heal the soul; finding the peace on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is Good Medicine!”

2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
The 2020 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, MOMIS KOMET, brought riders together in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic; beginning and ending in Panama City Beach, FL. Kicking off on August 9, 2020 the route took riders on a 10,000 mile circuit with checkpoints in Santa Fe, NM, Rogers, AR and Essex, VT.