2022 Challenge


2022 Hoka Hey Riders


The theme of the 2022 Challenge was "Remember". The Lakota word for remember is KIKSUYA which implies that we all have an inherent and ancient memory of community and compassion, respect, harmony, peace and friendship.

To remember in this way is to better appreciate that history is not just a collection of facts, but rather a collection of experiences. KIKSUYA enables us to go beyond simply acknowledging or recalling historic events and dates. Instead, it demands that we consider unique social and cultural predicaments and understand how our forebears felt, thought, and acted. It connects us with the past and helps us better understand how that past has shaped the present.

These riders not only taxed their own bodies during the ride but many took a mighty leap further and raised funds for a number of charities spanning the United States. The amount of funds raised for charities by our riders is being reported. In addition to rider specific charities there was around $22K collected through the Hoka Hey Website for charities as well as almost $12,000 raised through our silent auction.


Names of Finishers is being compiled.


Names of Participants is being compiled.