2015 Memorial


2015 Memorial Ride
Toksa, ake waciyacinkte miye kola

(Later my friends. For you are going home now and I’ll see you soon.)

While many start the Challenge driven by the allure of prizes and competition, most finish richer through personal growth, spiritual insight and unbreakable bonds with fellow riders. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, through a common struggle, celebrates the human experience and diversity among the people and the beautiful landscape of this great Nation and fosters unity with everyone who accepts the Challenge. We all know riding long distance events like the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is risky business. We all have brothers and sisters from the road who have succumb to tragedy. Several have died believing in the ideals that were set forth when the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ kicked off in 2010. This special event was open to the public and started in Red Cloud, Nebraska – about 20 miles north of the Geographical Center of the Continental United States. On July 31st, 2015 the riders listed below departed Red Cloud, NE and in honor of our fallen family rode the 505 miles as a group to Hot Springs, South Dakota. On August 1st, we reconvened to parade down Main St. Sturgis and ended at the Indian Motorcycle Sturgis store, Sturgis, SD. We were all welcomed with a party that was worthy of our Fallen Riders!

We are stronger than a group of individual riders – we are the Hoka Hey Family.

Sunka Mila Wanka Waphia
Spirits of the Holy Metal Horse

Fellow Hoka Hey Riders Who Rode That Day.


On July 31st 2015 100+ motorcyclist gathered in Red Cloud, Nebraska in an effort to honor our fallen brothers.

• Charles Lynn (6/26/2010)
• Kenneth Greene (7/4/2010)
• John Anderson (6/26/2013)
• Newton Pereira (7/27/2014)
• Jim Red Cloud (6/29/2017)
• Joe Finck (7/24/2018)
• Todd Moreland (8/10/2020)


Rip Alexander
Barry Goldweber
Tom Pylant
Greg Anderson
John Goss
Jeremiah Reidy
Federico Arbelaez
Jim Herold
William Reynolds
Dennis Archer
Tom Hunter
Junie Rose
Kenneth (KC) Aston
George Jackson
William Russell
Kris Baenziger
Greg Johnson
Wayne Russell
Walter "Dwight" Barrett
Helmet Karner
Steve Briscoe
James Russell
Gary "Blackie" Barnes
Rob Keller
Cathy Sahli
Jack Beasley
Mike Kestner
Robert Saunooke
Cheyenne Beatty
Jeffrey Kohn
Bill Schahran


Kurt Kvennejorde
Willie Simmons
Gary Burd
Joe Lacey
Rob Slan
William Baskell
Walter Ledig
Terry Smith
Charles Butler
George Liebel
Heinz Spielvogal
John Cali
Raz Leone
Samuel Steffan
Daniel Certa
Lynn LePelley
William Terrell
Chrystal Chase
John Levins
Daniel Thibodeaux
Josh Childers
Chuck Lorah
Allan Thompson
Patrice Childers
David Lutes
T. Brad Thompson
Mark Childers
Eden Mailloux
Gary Trumper
Michael Conner


John Miller
Karen VanVlerah Jr.
Rebecca Cunningham
Ring Miller
Jim VanVlerah Jr.
Josh Davis
Dale Miller
Bubba Vincent
Chris Drake
Ken Miltimore
Robert Vuotto Jr.
Carla DuBois
Michael Mullinax
Chad Warden
Martin Edester
Beverly Murray
Mark Wieland
David Elizondo
Larry Murray
Jeffrey Williams
Dennis Elings
David Peters
Matthew Wolf
Marion "Mickey" Ezell
Jeffrey Piscitelli
Wendy Battles
Mike Fox
Arthur Pond
Billy Fultz
Joe Connors

Honorary Participants

The individuals listed below worked tirelessly with no expectation of compensation to ensure the 2015 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Memorial Ride worked smoothly. Without their efforts this event could not have happened as flawlessly as it did. They have our undying gratitude.

These people worked tirelessly from start to finish at both Red Cloud, Nebraska and Hot Springs, South Dakota to ensure all the behind the scenes issues that nobody thinks about but everyone depends on were completed in a timely manner.

Benjamin Wolf
Daniel Wolf
Charmaine Trumper
John Durham
Joe Durham

If you missed this ride then you missed a piece of Hoka Hey history. We hope you will not miss another of our special events