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Hoka Hey Challenge Sponsorship

Hoka Hey Challenge Sponsorship

Community is an integral part of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. Linked by a common vision, new communities are built and others are extended. Riders form strong bonds, families and supporters unite, vendors interact with motorcycle enthusiasts and fans come together to create their own communities.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ also supports community spirit, bringing visibility to worthy causes and often unheard of communities and encouraging sponsorship of non-profit groups, veterans and riders.

If you’re looking to get connected … as an event sponsor, a rider or nonprofit team sponsor, a corporate sponsor or a rider in need of a sponsor, Hoka Hey can help build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Potential sponsors and any one hoping to ride can get more information by reviewing our Rider Package or by contacting us at info@hokaheychallenge.com.

Collecting Sponsors

Don't think you can financially afford to take the Challenge?

Well, you can! It's as easy as contacting your favorite restaurant or bar!! Go ahead and ask at your place of employment. Or ask for support from the manufacturers of products you use every day! Seek out the local motorcycle dealership or custom bike shop and ask them to sponsor you on your ride! If you get 10 sponsors who each sponsor a tank of gas, that' 10 tanks of gas you're not paying for.

- Take our Rider's Package with you and let potential sponsors know that you are willing to work to make it worth their while! Any agreement between the rider and sponsor pertaining to the use of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ logo or name must conform with stipulations outlined in the Hoka Hey Terms and Conditions.

- Sell advertising on your windshields and saddlebags!
- Build a website that promotes you and your sponsors!!
- Offer to co-host a fund raising event on their property!!!

If you can bring customers into their store and bring support and notice to you as a rider in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ - the sky will be the limit and the world is your oyster!!

Military Veteran Refund Program

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ honors veterans of every branch and service. Were it not for our Veterans this country may not exist as we know it. In an effort to repay a debt we cannot pay, we offer our Veteran Refund Program.

During the 2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ the Hoka Hey Board of Directors will offer partial to full refund of the entry fee for a select number of veterans; the quantity of selected veterans and amount refunded will be at the discretion of the Hoka Hey Board of Directors. There will be a minimum of two military veterans who will get a full refund. As you can image, the selection process will be a difficult one.

In order to be considered, the Military Veteran must be new to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ and must 1st submit their Hoka Hey Rider application with full payment. Once the Refund Application process has been finalize (prior to January 2022) the Veteran Refund Program applicant must submit their Military Refund application. The Veteran Refund Program application will be considered confidential and the content of the application will not be shared with the public, other riders, or outside agencies or sponsors. The selected individuals will be notified in private and selected names will not be released to the public, other riders, or outside agencies or sponsors. If the selected individual wants to publicize the their selection that is their propagative.

Selection will be based on a point system supported in part by Military Ribbons & Medals Order of Precedence and combat service, to include length of combat service. For example, a veteran with 3 years’ service and 13 months in support of combat operations in Iraq and/or Afghanistan (or other area of operation) would carry more weight than a veteran with 5 years’ service but no time in a combat situation; a combat veteran with 13 months combat service and a purple heart would carry more weight than a combat veteran with 15 months combat service with a Bronze Star. A DD Form 214 (SSN blacked out) will be required to validate all claims.

This program refunds entry fee only and does not provide financial support for fuel, lodging, food, repairs or any other essential. As with any applicant, the veteran is free to gain sponsorship from other organizations in support of their Challenge.

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