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2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Participation Requirements


The 2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™
Not as far away as you think.

Rider Entry:

We have reached our capacity of new riders but are still accepting applications from returning riders for the 2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. See the Application Page for further details.

Please read the Waiver and the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your online Application package. Several passages in the current Terms and Conditions are new so be sure to read it all carefully.


The 2022 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challengeā„¢, beginning and ending in the Black Hills of South Dakota, commences on the morning of June 26th, 2022.

Each rider will set his or her own schedule while driving within the posted speed limits on all roads traveled.

On Site registration will be held at Black Hills Harley-Davidson on 23 & 24 June with late registration by appointment only on the 25th. Riders will need to present your required paperwork (license, insurance, etc.), get your bike inspected, and sign some documents.


This year's event will be open to riders of all American Manufacturers V-twin motorcycles.

All motorcycles will be subject to, but not limited to, the following restrictions:

  • Motorcycles will be limited to a 6.2 gallon fuel tank. Fuel cells, auxiliary tanks and additional gas cans will NOT be permitted.

  • The use of electronics to navigate and mounting hardware on handlebars will be discouraged.

  • All bikes will be required to have a working odometer.

  • The Organizers reserve the right to restrict other modifications at their own discretion if the modifications affect the safety of the rider or others who travel the roads.


Participants must be 18 years of age by the start of the challenge in order to participate. We will be accepting a limited number of new riders.


Participants will be notified of registration and check-in agendas as the time approaches.

Riders should allow for the possibility that they will have to be at the starting venue two days before the start of the Challenge. All participants will be required to register and present their motorcycles for inspection.

All motorcycles will be subject to the restrictions and requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Entry Fee:

We have reached our capacity of potential new riders but anyone who would like to be placed on our waitlist must pay the entire $750 at the time of application.

Returning riders may make a deposit of $250 U.S. (two hundred and fifty dollars U.S.) when your application is submitted with the remaining balance due no later than March 26, 2022. All applications submitted after March 26, 2022 will require full payment at the time of application submission and may incur additional charges.

Participants are required to cover the expense of your tracking device which shall be provided by US Fleet Tracking. You will need to provide your Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ rider number when purchasing your GPS Tracker to get the group rate. Riders are responsible to pay for the tracking device and its installation as well as any other fees which may arise during the event (i.e, food, fuel, accommodations, maintenance and supplies, etc.).


Participants may seek their own approved sponsors for this event (see Getting Sponsors). The terms of such a sponsorship must be negotiated solely for the benefit of the participant and shall be the responsibility of the participant to fulfill. Such negotiations shall not obligate or encumber the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challengeā„¢ Organizers in any manner whatsoever.

Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.

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