Seneca Indian Nation - Wolf's Run


Sitting on approximately 18 acres of rich lands Wolf’s Run is located in the heart of Seneca Nation territory and offers camping, restaurant, carwash, gas station and convenience store on site.  Wolf’s Run Transport is located just 8 minutes from NYS thruway exit 58 and for nearly 30 years, has been owned and operated by William Parry and Sally Snow, members of the Seneca Nation.



As members of the Seneca Nation Willy and Sally understand the principal of Wolakota and they believe that, by hosting the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, they are helping to unite the nations together.  They understand what it take to succeed in this capacity because they have hosted our start and finish lines on four separate occasions thru the years!


Cattaraugus Territory


The Seneca Nation is one of the original five nations of the Haudenosaunee, also known as the Iroquois Confederacy. The other four original nations of this confederacy are the Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk Nations. The Tuscarora joined and we now have six nations. Today, because of continuous New York and US government efforts, The Seneca Nation is divided into several territories often referred to as "reservation". The Cattaraugus Territory is near the western part of New York state.


The culture of the Haudenosaunee is based upon the Great Peace, a message the people accepted which taught that the people, the Creation and the coming generations would be protected if we practiced the peace.This continues today.


Like the other Nations of the Haudenosaunee, the Seneca people are matrilineal, with a great deal of respect toward the women of the nation. The people live in the communities with great effort made to serve our children, our elders, and the unborn children. To allow this to continue it is taught to our people that we are to protect the seventh generation. That means whatever we decide to do, it must not harm the children who will walk this Creation seven generations from now. This is also why we must respect and watch over the Creation also. Our Nations have maintained this to be a truth that we cannot discard.


When the people from Europe arrived, the Haudenosaunee, shared and taught very much in regard to health, food, agriculture, social needs, political responsibilities spiritual teachings and concepts of freedom and duties. Much of what was shared became the basis for what is now callled the United States. Many of the concepts learned here did not exist in the Europe of the 18th century. Today there are many things to be realized and re-learned for all people walking this life journey. We hope that we can all again share in a positive gowing manner for all of us.




Accommodations: Camping is available on site at Wolf’s Run but if that’s not your style, there are plenty of hotels in the area.


Motorcycle Transport: Wolf’s Run Transport will ship your bike anywhere in the lower 48 for one low rate. Call 716-532-4120, 716-532-4128 or 716-532-5646 for more information.


• Everything should be paid in full for the best rate.


• There is no guarantee for last minute bike shipping.


• The cost would be calculated at the time of shipping.



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Gowanda Harley Davidson 

Located just miles from the Seneca Nation, Gowanda Harley Davidson, has been the host dealership for the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge on four seperate occasions. Third generation family employees that provide excellent service and customer care means the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will always look forward to visiting Gowanda, NY!