Hoka Hey 2017 - Hillbilly Hotdog Run


The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is on a biennial schedule with Challenges being held on even numbered years. This means that the Hoka Hey family looks for an excuse to ride, gather and party in the odd years…


On June 7th of 2017, many Hoka Hey Challengers, friends, family and future participants gathered together at West Pike Inn & Campground in Belmont, OH for a weekend of riding and… well, everything that does with that. On the morning of the 8th we saddled our rides and rode to Lesage, WV and joined up with other Hoka Hey riders and friends and had lunch at Hillbilly Hot Dogs and a banner signing, and of course photos!


Some opted to participate in Hoagie's Heroes Inc. charity rides; a 1000 mile Saddle Sore or a 1500 mile Bun Burner sponsored by Iron Butt Association on the 9th of June.



.…and a great time was had by all.


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