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Hot Springs, SD - The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, organized by the Medicine Show LLC, is excited to announce the expansion of its Board of Directors to better serve our participants as well as the individuals, businesses and communities that support the event.  

Separated by specific aspects of the organization's requirements our Board now includes Directors to oversee Operations, Rider Relations, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, Logistics & Routes, and Finance; all working to enhance the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and the rider experience.

The Medicine Show LLC is also launching a rider mentorship program that will include more in depth guidance for new & potential riders, as well as new outreach opportunities for seasoned riders.  Now, Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge riders can recount story after story of communities, businesses and individuals who brought unexpected help, comfort & smiles to them as they traversed the back roads and small towns of America striving to reach the finish line.  The Medicine Show LLC and Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge riders believe it is important to recognize and celebrate these entities and we look forward to new collaborations with the community at large.  

Elizabeth Durham, Chief Operating Officer of Medicine Show, LLC, stated, “While the Hoka Hey organization is expanding, we have no intention to join the ranks of entities like NASCAR. We plan to continue to maintain the integrity of the tight knit ‘Hoka Hey family’ and the elite status of the few who call themselves our Brothers & Sisters. “

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a grueling and unforgiving endurance ride providing participants with an opportunity to test their fortitude and then translate newfound strength and confidence into a willingness to act on behalf of others.  The Challenge demands that individuals be willing to strive valiantly without allowing the fear of failure to discourage them from this objective. 

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