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In a note to riders and fans of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, Jim Red Cloud explains that he will no longer be an active Organizer for the event.

Hot Springs, SD – In a recent letter, event founder Jim Red Cloud states that “Organizing the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My vision for the event was one of raw grit and determination and it has taken that, and more, to pull it off.”
The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is the first of its kind – a long distance endurance ride designed to pit participants against the road and Mother Nature. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ touts itself as “The Toughest Ride for the Toughest Riders on Earth!” and promises to get participants out of their “comfort zone” by putting them on secondary two lane roads in the back country of America. Long stretches of open highway and dark, cold, rainy nights encourage riders to find their warrior spirit through struggle and perseverance.
Before founding the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™, Jim Red Cloud led a Pine Ridge, South Dakota, legal practice known as the Red Cloud Law Firm which focuses on trust, treaty, business, and estate planning law. Serving the needs of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (OST), the firm provides legal services that protect and conserve tribal resources and lands, in ways that are consistent with federal-level treaties and laws. The firm advises the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council and has recently been retained to spearhead what is projected to be a landmark case involving Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights.
Given the gravity of the cases that the Red Cloud Law Firm is handling and after the death of his grandfather, Treaty Council Chairman, Chief Oliver Red Cloud; Jim Red Cloud’s involvement with the law firm is expected to escalate and he does not anticipate that he will be able to give enough of his attention to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. Red Cloud stated that, “From now on, the day-to-day operation and decision making for the Challenge will fall to my wife, Beth Durham and a Board of Directors that she has assembled.”
According to Durham, planning for the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ is currently underway. The 2014 event will begin on July 20, 2014 and covers approximately 7,500 miles between Key West, FL and Homer, AK – using a new route to connect two favorite destinations. Durham said that “Although there will be some changes in the way the Challenge is run, the Board promises to uphold the mission of the event along with the hard-core intensity that participants have come to expect from this extraordinary endurance rally!”
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