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ACCEPT the challenge! Ride the Hoka Hey For Free!
Hot Springs, SD – That’s right - FREE! The Medicine Show Land Trust - promoters of the toughest motorcycle ride on Earth, are waiving each rider’s ($1,000) entry fee for the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™! “It is our way to sincerely thank all the Challengers of past events and to welcome all of those who will continue to support the ‘New’ Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ into the future.” said Director of Operations, Beth Durham. “We invite anyone that has ever heard our Warrior’s Call to accept the challenge and participate. Become part of our Hoka Hey family.”
By waiving the entry fee, organizers give participants a ONE TIME opportunity to take the ride of a lifetime AT NO COST – leaving some extra cash in the riders’ pockets to help pay for the fuel that they’ll burn during this incredible 7,500 mile journey through two beautiful Countries.
Billed as “Unfinished Business”, this year’s Challenge will honor our foundational beginning when, on July 20, we host the same start and finish destinations as our inaugural Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. Our riders (a.k.a. YOU) will leave from the southernmost point of the United States in Key West, Florida. Traveling a new route, you’ll cover a multitude of diverse grounds while in the saddle; experiencing America in a way few riders ever will. You will wind your way through some of the most remote and isolated two lane roads known to man, into a spectacularly beautiful Canada and on to the often dreamt about “Last Frontier” of Alaska. There you will continue to ride through stunning scenery to one of our favorite finish lines thus far in Homer, Alaska. After reaching the final destination, the Down East Saloon is hosting our party on August 2 to recognize and congratulate the riders that have completed their “Unfinished Business”!
After the conclusion of the 2014 event, the Medicine Show Land Trust, will proudly hand over the reins of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ to the newly formed, board-run, rider operated LLC during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (date to be announced). Organizers promise that the integrity of the event will be upheld to its “Super Bowl” of Motorcycle Challenges standards and that we will continue to respect and support our rider’s needs. The new Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ organization will align itself with like-minded individuals and non-profits to ensure that all of our future events, challenges and promotions will assist in raising financial aid and advocacy for our foundational causes. Guaranteeing that the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ continues to grow and to carry out its mission is paramount. Our intent is to be the baddest motorcycle challenge known to man and to leave a positive impact on mankind. “We look forward to introducing riders to the new management and to the campaigns, events and developments of the new Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™. But first, we wanted to pay respect to the founders who had the vision to start this life changing platform and to celebrate the riders across America who continue to help make that dream a reality. The best way we could think to do this was to let everyone ride for free!!” said Durham.
Event organizers invite you to please accept this year’s Challenge as a token of our gratitude. Tell your friends and family that you have to answer the Warrior’s Call and we’ll see you in Key West on July 20, 2014! Hoka Hey!
For more information about the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ and to register for this year’s event, please visit or call 605-890-0386.
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