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New Organizational Structure Sets Stage for an Even Better Event in 2011
Mesa, Arizona – Planning for the 2011 Hoka Hey 3/48 Motorcycle Challenge™ is currently underway and applications are being accepted for participation in this extraordinary endurance rally.
While planning for the 2011 event, organizers have carefully reviewed the inaugural Challenge to identify improvements to be made going forward. A communication addressing the facts surrounding the 2010 event can be read here.
Founder, Jim Red Cloud, said, “It became apparent that the public and participants were left with some incorrect perceptions and information. We are working very hard to correct our communications approach, and I will actively participate on our blog and social media sites where further information or clarification would benefit our many friends.”
The 2010 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge was the first of its kind — an 8,500+ mile ride designed to pit participants against the road and Mother Nature. The first-to-finish rider, Will Barclay of Highlands, FL, received the $500,000 prize money at the Sturgis Rally in July. The list of riders who made it to Homer, AK, stories of how the event impacted them and a photo gallery has also been posted. These are the stories that must be read in order to understand the significance of the platform that the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge offers.
The 2011 event begins on August 5, 2011, covers 10,000+ miles, three countries and the lower 48 states. Riders will compete for more than $500K in prize money. Red Cloud continues, “We are doing everything in our power to position the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge as an annual, iconic experience that makes history in the annals of American motorcycling.”
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